Seafarers: 'The Lighthouse'

Hello listeners, and welcome to Episode 16!This week features songwriter and saxophonist Matthew Herd, the creative force behind the band Seafarers. Their debut album, 'Orlando' was released in 2020 and I immediately fell under its spell. In Matt's words, the album explores Threads of solitude, longing, and an affiliation with the natural world, binding songs, instrumentals, and poetry. Outside of Seafarers, Matt is a sought after collaborator with some of London's most innovative musicians such as former SoundSpring guest Misha Mullov-Abbado , in a trio with Will Glaser and Liam Noble, a duo with pianist Tom Taylor, DJ Yoda, and the formidable Patchwork Jazz Orchestra.Matt and Seafarers were just about to embark on recording their 2nd album just days after this conversation, so I'm incredibly grateful for his time. Orlando is one of my favourite musical statements of the last few years and I can't wait to share it with you.Prepare to be taken on a most wonderful journey with Matt Herd and his project by Katie Stevenson: 

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