Lizzie Moult

In this episode, Susan and Lizzie Moult discuss: How people pleasing starts When you no longer feel adequate The complexity of our minds Putting an end to the cycle Key Takeaways: People pleasing is a learned behavior that is often reinforced in childhood. It takes work to unlearn this behavior and start living a balanced life. The most common trait for people pleasers is that we stop believing in ourselves, we stop showing up for ourselves because we no longer feel adequate for others. Our minds are innately complex, and different people have different kinds of intelligences. Don’t let people’s label of you hinder you from doing your divine work. Getting kids of your own is a chance for you to stop your own bad childhood experiences from being part of their life too, put an end to the cycle. “Obviously, the remedy to people-pleasing is putting your needs first.” —  Lizzie Moult Connect with Lizzie Moult: Website: Linked In: Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: Connect with Susan Kennard: Awaken the Light Within FREE VIDEO COURSETwitter: @susankennard Facebook: Susan Kennard - Expand Your Consciousness, Sparkle to SuccessWebsite: Susan Kennard Email: Reach out to find the program for you! Show notes by Podcastologist: Justine Talla Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You’re the expert. Your podcast will prove it.

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Your Soul knows exactly why you are here. Are you listening to your mind body and Soul? Are you doing a job to only to pay the bills? Staying in the relationship because you think it’s all you deserve? Is your body showing you a message you can’t hear? Many people are living half a life because they are not living their mission. In this show you will hear Susan interviewing everyday people sharing their spiritual awakening stories and how they help others to heal and live the lives that were always meant to have. Whether you are a Spiritual Awakener like Susan, a gardener, work in shop or a homemaker, you too can live your mission by listening to your Soul.