Roshney Mistry

In this episode, Susan and Roshney discuss: Remembering that you are light Empathizing instead of sympathizing The power that we have to heal ourselves We are a mirror of our outside world Key Takeaways: Always remember that you are a being of light experiencing the universe within a body. If you want to help someone who’s going through darkness, don’t send them pity, send them compassion, send them light, encouragement and healing. The way that we are today isn’t only because of today but because of before. There needs to be healing done in our past so that we could live in the present with peace of mind. We are a mirror of our outside world. The inner world reflects what is on the outside, what you believe inside is what you will see in front of you. “Instead of pitying people, send them unconditional love. Send them light.” —  Roshney Mistry Connect with Roshney Mistry: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Connect with Susan Kennard: Awaken the Light Within FREE VIDEO COURSETwitter: @susankennard Facebook: Susan Kennard - Expand Your Consciousness, Sparkle to SuccessWebsite: Susan Kennard Email: Reach out to find the program for you! Show notes by Podcastologist: Justine Talla Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You’re the expert. Your podcast will prove it.

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Your Soul knows exactly why you are here. Are you listening to your mind body and Soul? Are you doing a job to only to pay the bills? Staying in the relationship because you think it’s all you deserve? Is your body showing you a message you can’t hear? Many people are living half a life because they are not living their mission. In this show you will hear Susan interviewing everyday people sharing their spiritual awakening stories and how they help others to heal and live the lives that were always meant to have. Whether you are a Spiritual Awakener like Susan, a gardener, work in shop or a homemaker, you too can live your mission by listening to your Soul.