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You Are Resilient (with Harma Hartouni)

av The Stacking Benjamins Show | Publicerades 3/29/2021

Pros in every field will tell you that confidence is a huge part of earning more money. But what happens when life delivers blow after blow? We've been there ourselves, and so has our guest, Harma Hartouni, who moved to America with his family and was flat broke. Much of his story stems from a childhood relationship with a dad that was less than perfect (to put it mildly). While this is not a direct rags-to-riches story, things started to turn around for Harma, and he now runs one of the top real estate firms in Southern California, along with having a passion for sharing his life experiences for others to learn from. Today Harma shares his compelling story of perseverance, confidence, and learning lessons from horrible experiences instead of falling back on them as a crutch, like so many do. Blackrock Cuts ETF Fees Cut to Near Zero Lower fees... hooray! Right? The race to zero fees continues with BlackRock's latest move to drop ETF fees, which is the lastest blow in their fight for assets with Vanguard. While we aren't complaining about more money in your pocket, the slashed fees leave us with a lingering question: what exactly should investors want when it comes to their strategy? Beyond the latest flashy headline of the week, what's your framework for making investing decisions? Top Mistakes People Make When Planning for Retirement Have you made your portfolio more conservative to soothe your market volatility fears? Larry Swedroe recently shared some big retirement planning mistakes which could cost you millions of dollars in missed opportunity. The Your Complete Guide to a Successful and Secure Retirement author (and previous Stacking Benjamins guest) brings some good points to the table, and Joe and OG share some math scary enough to make you think twice before slowing things down. Not All Products Are Meant for You We're mixing things up with today's Haven Life Line. Margaret saw a video online that's filled with mostly good advice, but sneaks in a "secure compound interest account" comment at the end of the clip. What's the deal? Joe and OG share exactly what this account actually is, and give some frank advice for people who may be considering investing. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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