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No One Drops The "F" Bomb on Picard! But Data Loved Him! - S1 E8

av The Star Trek Picard After Show Podcast | Publicerades 3/13/2020

Did somebody have the audacity to drop the "F" bomb on Picard? At least Data loves him! This week, Agnes wakes up from the coma and talks to Picard about the visions Oh imparted on her. The crew aboard figures out the plans of the Romulans, and they chart a course headed for Soji's home planet. But not before Soji opens up to Picard and reveals she knows that Data loved him.

On the Borg cube, Seven of Nine joins the collective and battles against Narissa. In the end, after Narissa ejects multiple Borgs from the cube, she seems to be on the losing side. But right as they catch up to Narissa, she appears to beam away. For more, check out the AfterBuzz Star Trek Picard show!

Be sure to check out the After Show hosted by: Christian Bladt, Frank Moran, Nikki Bailey, Rachel Goodman

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