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Picard Goes to The Brink on The Season Finale of Star Trek: Picard - S1 E10 'Star Trek: Picard' Recap & Review

av The Star Trek Picard After Show Podcast | Publicerades 3/27/2020

The Romulan ships are attacking on the season finale fo Star Trek: Picard. Jean Luc tries his hand at piloting a starship in hopes to stave off the Romulan invasion. The dogfight is intense, but Riker and Starfleet eventually appear as reinforcements. Picard saves the day, but succumbs to his long standing brain injuries. With the help of Dr. Alton Soong, a Picard’s consciousness is transferred to a brand new body.

Recap: Christina Bladt, Nikki Bailey, Frank Moran, Flobo Boyce

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