Ep. 37 - Full-Time and "Part-Time" Stepmotherhood

In this episode of the podcast, I talk with Chris about her experience becoming a full-time stepmom, and some of the differences (and similarities!) between full-time stepmotherhood and "part-time" stepmotherhood.   Mentioned in this Episode: Comfort Zone Camp Camp Good Mourning Stepmotherhood: A Paradox Blog Post   Become a Patreon patron here.   To leave me a voicemail, head over to https://www.speakpipe.com/stepmomclub.   Follow The Stepmom Club Podcast on facebook here.   Check out this episode's corresponding blog post here!   For more information on this podcast, visit www.stepmomclubpodcast.com.

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The Stepmom Club Podcast, hosted by Grady Savage, is a positive Podcast for stepmoms to build bridges, normalize stepparenting, and for women who need to know someone just "gets it.”