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Reggie Bush, Notre Dame, Tiger Woods, Aretha Franklin and more. - The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Avsnittet publicerades: 4/16/2019

We open today's show with Junior recalling the time when Uncle Steve sent him to voicemail.  Steve would love nothing more that to have lunch with Tiger Woods.  Reggie Bush is in a little hot water for a gofundme account.  Laura Ingraham blows a YG song featuring Nipsey Hussle waaay out of proportion.  The Cathedral in Notre Dame sustains heavy damage from a fire.  We find out he hilarious origin of Steve's name in Ask Steve.  Today we take a trip down memory lane.  Trump will honor Tiger Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  Gayle King could be getting double her salary following her interview with R. Kelly.  Aretha Franklin get a Pulitzer win on Monday and makes history.  Today in Closing Remarks, The CEO talks about how you can't help everybody and more.

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