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Weekend Review, Church Complaints, Marjorie Harvey, MTH and more. - The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Avsnittet publicerades: 5/13/2019

The show opens today and the Houstonians are sad.  We get to hear what the crew did over the weekend in Weekend Review.  The Rockets' loss hit so hard that is was a part of Church Complaints.  Happy 68th Birthday to our good friend Stevie Wonder.  Congratulations to The First Lady of The Steve Harvey Nation as she was honored this past weekend at the Women of Excellence Luncheon.  J. Anthony Brown murders one in the spirit of Lil Nas and Billy Ray Cyrus.  In Junior's Sports Talk, he covers the NBA Playoffs.  Steve's son Broderick was a guest on his TV show and he spoke about his relationship with his father.  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve speaks about being crushed and there is an analogy with grapes and wine, plus so much more.

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