The Storyteller: Violent Delights


av The Storyteller: Violent Delights | Publicerades 9/28/2020

A prominent Scottish farmer has disappeared and after initial thoughts he'd gone off with a fellow amateur pilot, suspicions grow that something sinister has happened to him. Three months later his glamorous wife is arrested in front of their three children. But who tipped off the police and prompted the most sensational murder investigation in Scottish history?

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Following on from the smash-hit success of Series One of The Storyteller: Murder Most Foul, comes Series Two - Violent Delights. In this one-case deep dive, Isla Traquair returns to Scotland to investigate a true-crime Shakespearean tragedy involving a beautiful young housemaid to the Royal Family who is swept off her feet by a charismatic Prince Charming and ends up in the dock accused of murder. Her trial alongside two co-accused was the most sensational case in Scottish history with the twists and turns of a complicated love story that went very wrong.