The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Auction Tales: Bidding Against a Billionaire

av The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of | Publicerades 10/29/2020

Dave and Ryan take listeners into the high-stakes world of movie prop auctions. They get a visit from their first guest, Joe Maddalena -- the founder and CEO of movie memorabilia auction house Profiles in History. The guys tell war stories from the auctions of yore, including the time when a younger, happier, handsomer Ryan witnessed Harrison Ford's hero BLADE RUNNER blaster go under the hammer, and another when Dave ducked out of shooting EUROTRIP so that he could bid on his dream prop: a Darth Vader helmet. But what he didn't know was that he'd be bidding against a literal billionaire. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, @propspodcast. Sponsored by HelloFresh (, code dreams80).

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