The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

How Do You Know It's Real?

av The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of | Publicerades 10/22/2020

Welcome to the premiere episode of “The Stuff Dreams are Made of.” Co-hosts Ryan Condal and David Mandel introduce listeners to the world of collecting movie props and answer the question they hear most often: “How do you know its real?” Sponsored by Simplisafe (

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From Kane’s Rosebud to Indy’s Whip to Captain America’s shield... Iconic treasures from the world of film and television are centerstage in this podcast hosted by collectors David Mandel (Veep, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Ryan Condal (Colony, House of the Dragon). Every week, the two writers share their love of Hollywood memorabilia, revealing unbelievable stories around some of the most famous and culturally important props, costumes, art, and ephemera in silver screen history.