The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

The Stuff Our Dreams (and Nightmares) Are Made Of

av The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of | Publicerades 2/4/2021

David and Ryan discuss their own experience making movies and television -- and the associated props. Is it different when you're a collector? It sure is! You make to keep! Join the guys as they take a bumpy ride down memory lane and talk about everything from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE'S Nerf Crotchbat, to stealing dishes off the SEINFELD set, hats from CAT IN THE HAT and VEEP's Vagibrary model to the THE SIXTH GUN'S... Sixth Gun..., propaganda from COLONY, and dragon's eggs from the forthcoming HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. Also, some missing Vandersexxx dildos from EUROTRIP’s flugenkenheimler! Go to and use code 10dreams for 10 free meals, including free shipping!

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From Kane’s Rosebud to Indy’s Whip to Captain America’s shield... Iconic treasures from the world of film and television are centerstage in this podcast hosted by collectors David Mandel (Veep, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Ryan Condal (Colony, House of the Dragon). Every week, the two writers share their love of Hollywood memorabilia, revealing unbelievable stories around some of the most famous and culturally important props, costumes, art, and ephemera in silver screen history.