003 How To Be More Authentic By Listening To Your Intuition - Susan de Vriend

Be authentic by listening to your intuition, not your ego! In this week’s episode of The Stylish CEO Podcast, I am joined by Susan de Vriend. Susan is an Intuitive Coach & A Heart Whispering Mystic. In this episode, Susan and I discuss How to be more authentic by listening to your intuition? How do you know that it’s not my ego? How do I know it is my intuition? Susan offers her tips and advice on this and more to help you connect with your intuition.

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Do you feel overwhelmed by the thousands of questions you have? Questions like what body shape am I? What is my personal style? What is personal branding? How do I brand myself? How to create a brand? how to plan a brand photoshoot? And the golden question of all how do I stand out from the crowd and get noticed? Welcome to The Stylish CEO! Each week your host and very own personal stylist and women’s empowerment coach Laura Jane will answer ALL these questions and so much more to help you step into the CEO role of your brand. This podcast is for female entrepreneurs and Laura Jane will be bringing you all things style, business, personal development, branding, inspirational and empowering stories and guest experts to help YOU become the STYLISH CEO and STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD to your potential audience.