012 How To Clear Subconscious Limiting Beliefs & Make Way For Empowerment

In this episode of The Stylish CEO, I am joined Philadelphia based breathworker and psychic healer Alyse Bacine. We are talking about subconscious limiting beliefs, how when you can access and transform them, you come to understand yourself in a new way. Then, you become empowered to create what your soul desires on a deep level, instead of playing out familial and societal conditioning telling you to play small. Show notes: https://girlbehindthelook.com/podcast

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Do you feel overwhelmed by the thousands of questions you have? Questions like what body shape am I? What is my personal style? What is personal branding? How do I brand myself? How to create a brand? how to plan a brand photoshoot? And the golden question of all how do I stand out from the crowd and get noticed? Welcome to The Stylish CEO! Each week your host and very own personal stylist and women’s empowerment coach Laura Jane will answer ALL these questions and so much more to help you step into the CEO role of your brand. This podcast is for female entrepreneurs and Laura Jane will be bringing you all things style, business, personal development, branding, inspirational and empowering stories and guest experts to help YOU become the STYLISH CEO and STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD to your potential audience.