Going Through Hell with Star of ‘Lucifer’ Lesley Ann Brandt

Generational curses cannot be broken overnight. In fact, most milestones, epiphanies, and accomplishments are not often achieved without a bit of strife/obstacle. This week, we are joined by activist, amazing mama, and the talented actress playing the character "Mazikeen" on Netlfix’s drama, ‘Lucifer’ Lesley-Ann Brant. Lesley-Ann shares what it was like to grow up in South Africa during apartheid and how that has informed her identity both on and off the screen. She reminds us that life is a balance between both the good and bad and urges us to make peace with the pendulum swing of life.  Connect with us:  @TheSugaberries  @TikaSumpter @ThaiRandolph TheSuga@Sugaberry.com  www.sugaberry.com Connect with our guest: IG: @LesleyAnnBrandt Twitter: @LesleyAnnBrandt See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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