Our Favorite Words of Wisdom from The Suga

We have a special episode today! If you ever wanted to soak up a boatload of wisdom from some incredible women—all in less than hour—THIS is your episode! This week, Tika and Thai listen back and react to their favorite moments from past guest interviews on The Suga. We often hear just how much you appreciate hearing the wonderful stories and wisdom shared by our guests. So, we decided to compile a special episode with a few favorites! Be sure to check out the complete episodes for each guest to hear even more incredible stories from some truly remarkable women. [Interviews Sampled In This Episode:] 1) Honoring Your Heart's Desire with Mara Brock Akil  2) Finding Your Flow with Cassie Ventura Fine 3) Preventing Mommy Burnout with Devi Brown 4) Living By Your Own Rules with Tamron Hall 5) Legislating a Brighter Future with Rep. Cori Bush 6) Embracing Pleasure, Joy, and Ease with Ev’Yan Whitney 7) Creating a Vibe In Your Home with Justina Blakeney 8) Living Authentically with Tasha Smith 9) Working Out Your Spiritual Purpose with Angela Manuel Davis 10) Go About Your Business with Tabitha Brown Connect with us: @TheSugaberries  @TikaSumpter @ThaiRandolph TheSuga@Sugaberry.com  www.sugaberry.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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