Protecting Our Crowns with Sharie Wilson & Tonya Thompson of DreamGirls Hair

You know, they say "a Black woman’s hair is her crown!" But, with so many products on the market and styling methods to choose from, it can be confusing knowing where to start. That's why this week we're diving into all things hair care with the powerhouse sisters Sharie Wilson and Tonya Thompson, co-founders of DreamGirls Hair. In this episode, we talk to these beauty mavens about living their dream, lessons learned along the way, and how having “magic hair-growing hands” is helping women appreciate and protect their crowns. Connect with us: @TheSugaberries  @TikaSumpter @ThaiRandolph Connect with our guests: @dreamgirlshair @hairbytonya @imshariewilson See for privacy information.

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