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Episode 7: Elle Mills

Elle Mills, born in Manilla and raised in Canada, started her YouTube channel in 2017 with just over 15K subscribers, uploading regularly for two years. Her content consisted of reimagined versions of her favourite films and TV shows. The Washington Post quoted Elle as "both the Ferris Bueller and John Hughes of her own world. Each video feels like an entire movie, written, directed, edited and marketed by and starring Mills." In 2019 her numbers began to rapidly grow due to shout outs from top creators such as Caisey Neistat for her unique, creative talent. She also made headlines for her artistic and touching “Coming Out” video where she announced her bisexuality to her audience in her naturally imaginative fashion and inspired the LGBTQ community worldwide. Elle is personal, charming, romantic and hilarious. She has since surpassed that incredible 1 million mark on YouTube. She’s a shining example of the next generation of women in comedy and film-making, using YouTube as a platform to express her creativity. For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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An interview series hosted by Head of Development, Helen O'Donnell and Development Producer, Bronagh Monahan. They speak to top digital creators about their careers and creative process. TalentWorks is a content label within BBC Studios aimed at identifying digital talent with whom it can partner.