Hurricanes and Riots

In a recent Facebook post former Dispatch/Argus reporter, Brian Krans, wrote: “To any journalist friends who are covering Hurricane Harvey: one, remember your stay in a hotel room makes one less for evacuees. Two, go into counseling immediately after your assignment is done. You're going to see things you wouldn't normally expect and then go home to people acting like everything is normal. The juxtaposition can be jarring.  I learned the latter the hard way covering Katrina from the ground. It changed me forever.” Brian talks candidly about his experience covering Katrina and his more recent experience covering the violent protests in Berkley. We also talk to Brian about the state of journalism in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Brian, who left the Dispatch/Argus in 2009, is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Journalism at the University of California, Berkley. The veteran reporter also hosts The Rock Town Podcast

Om Podcasten

Photojournalism on the radio...sort of. The photography centric podcast is hosted by veteran photojournalist Todd Mizener with help from fellow photogs Todd Welvaert and Meg McLaughlin. Our goal is to both entertain and inform with our personal experiences or via interviews with a wide variety of guests. Mizener is the former Director of Photography for the Dispatch/Argus, a mid-sized daily newspaper, located in western Illinois along the banks of the Mississippi River in Moline, Ill. He is currently the Marketing & Communications Director for the D/A and Quad-City Times. We all get asked questions about our jobs and the podcast lets us answer some of those questions. It also affords us the opportunity to connect with readers, aspiring photographers, and learn a thing or two from our guests. The podcast is also an extension of our historically strong intern teaching program. Please email your questions and/or topic suggestions to and don’t forget to tune each week for a new episode.