Building a successful career in marketing with Rosie Kropp (Ex-CMO Bisnode, strategic advisor Lavandel)

Rosie Kropp is a board member, senior advisor to tech companies, speaker, business coach, mentor and change leader. She's built a successful career in marketing at global companies like Kraft, Vodafone, or Starbucks, before leading transformation at Swedish Tech company Bisnode as its Global CMO. With 25 years of international management experience across 60+ markets, Rosie is senior advisor and branding expert at consultancy company Lavandel, a boutique consultancy with focus on strategic brand and business development, digital transformation and innovation. What's the secret for building a great career in marketing and international leadership? Rosie shares her advice and recommendations for ambitious marketers wanting to grow and drive business transformation at their companies. We discussed the role marketing and branding can play at driving that change. 

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