In-house vs agency designers and bringing humour to b2b with Luke Richardson (Director Brand & Comms at Pleo)

Luke Richardson is a British national established in Denmark for many years. From studying arts to producing videos, he didn't follow the linear path to become a b2b tech marketer. He is now the Director of Brand and Comms at the Fintech company Pleo. Pleo simplifies bookkeeping and eliminates expense reports by offering smart company cards that give power back to the people.  When your head of brand has an unusual background, you can expect your brand to embrace an unconventional approach too. Pleo's brand is fun and unique so of course we talked branding and design. We also talked about the team Luke put in place to create, manage and grow the Pleo brand and how they collaborate with the rest of the marketing team. Luke's approach has been to follow the Mailchimp model and bring a lot of talent in-house. We talked about creativity, humour and building a human brand that people would love.

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