Making marketing accountable for revenue with Liam Boogar-Azoulay (VP Marketing at Scaleway)

Liam Boogar-Azoulay is an American marketer in Paris and also VP Marketing at Scaleway. A San Francisco native, he had to go to France to find the world of Tech! In 2011 he launched Rude Baguette - France's Startup Blog and went on to work at many successful tech companies like Algolia or MadKudu. Scaleway is a leading European infrastructure cloud provider - the cloud that makes sense.  Liam started at Scaleway only a few months ago so we shared experiences on joining fast growth tech companies recently and how to plan for success from day 1. We discussed building a marketing team for growth and making every team member accountable for revenue. Liam gave us the download on how his team is structured and how he makes sure to set clear OKRs for everyone so that they are all moving in the same direction and scaling fast. 

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