There isn't only one playbook for success with Nicolas Breuil (Global Head of Marketing at Stuart)

Nicolas Breuil is Global Head of Marketing, Brand & Comms at Stuart - and also my first French guest! Nicolas came from a PR background and got started in the b2b tech world without the preconceptions and the over-used playbooks that all other b2b tech companies might be using. He is carving his own path and it looks like his creativity is paying off! Stuart is a a leading last mile delivery platform that connects small and big businesses to a fleet of geolocalised couriers. I talked to Nicolas about his experience with Stuart, from being the first marketing hire to growing his team to 20 marketers in 5 years (including 5 designers!). From day 1, Nicolas set his own path, focusing on creativity, thinking outside the box, using his clients in his communication approach and going beyond in supporting his sales team. His secret: don't follow what everyone else is doing and aim at standing out from your competition!

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