AHC Fireside Chat V: Honoring the I and Thou Relationship in Response to Injustice

This is a bonus episode of the podcast brought to you in collaboration with the Association of Humanistic Counseling. Fireside Chats are, spontaneous, free form conversations where counselors gather and discuss topics relevant to this year's theme; "raising the question of what it means to be human." Tonight's dialogue topic is "How can we honor Buber's I and Thou relationships in response to injustice?" Contact us at theoryofchangepodcast@gmail.com Music By The Passion HiFi  www.thepassionhifi.com

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The Theory of Change Podcast showcases topics relevant to counselors and counselor educators. The host of this podcast discusses counseling theory, social/cultural issues, and the working dynamics of the modern practitioner. Guests are leading thinkers and practitioners in counseling and related fields that exemplify excellence in their respective disciplines. Host: Dr. Alfredo Palacios Assistant Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at The University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Email: theoryofchangepodcast@gmail.com Music by The Passion HiFi