Ep 4 | Offending Everyone

Ep 4. On today's episode, Tiff and Flip answer some...interesting questions. Tiff shares a voicemail from the person whose car Chloe accidentally hit with her door, and the two hosts debate about makeup and manly renaissance women.  Make sure and subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow along on Instagram and Facebook for daily stories. All our links are HERE: https://linktr.ee/thetiffandflipshow  Leave us a review and tell us what you think!  To be a part of the show, call 941-301-8651 and leave us a voicemail with your thoughts!

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Recovery from addiction, marriage, life after divorce, aliens, stepparenting, and bold opinions--no subject is off the table with hilarious friends Flip Adam and Tiffany Jenkins (Juggling the Jenkins). Join each week as they share their thoughts and experiences, using humor, empathy, and honesty. Things are gonna get weird, you don't want to miss it!