The Tip Off

Ep.15 Web of death- part 1

av The Tip Off | Publicerades 2/8/2018

In the corner room of Buzzfeed’s office is a wall is covered with photographs. Photographs that are linked up in a web of connections. Photographs of dead men.These are the people Heidi Blake suspects were killed with impunity on British soil. This is the story of how Heidi and a team of reporters followed the clues surrounding a series of mysterious deaths, back to the same, shady source. (This is the first in a two part episode.) Read all about it: Pentagon Papers clip from Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX Hosted and produced: Maeve McClenaghan Production support: Cheeka Eyers Music: Dice Muse and The Losers

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Welcome to The Tip Off- the podcast where we take you behind the scenes of some of the best investigative journalism from recent years. Each episode we’ll be digging into an investigative scoop- hearing from the journalists behind the work as they tell us about the leads, the dead-ends and of course, the tip offs. There’ll be car chases, slammed doors, terrorist cells, meetings in dimly lit bars and cafes, wrangling with despotic regimes and much more. So if you’re curious about the fun, complicated detective work that goes into doing great investigative journalism- then this is the podcast for you.