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#68 - with David Ward - Landscape Photographer

av The Togcast Photography Podcast | Publicerades 11/1/2019

David Ward is one of Britain's most notable landscape photographers. His eye for shape and form is without equal and produces work that is startling in its clarity and intensity. We caught up with David at his 'Overlooked' exhibition which is currently on display at the Joe Cornish Gallery.We chat about his visual motivations, theories about composition and dealing with the smaller details. This is a deep dive into his photographic pursuits, what drives them and how he sees the position of landscape photography in the wider context of art. "David Ward's camera looks deep into the landscape; revealing texture, detail, rhythm and subtleties that most of us miss." - Joe Cornish - - - - - - - - - - - - - In the show we featured an exhibition by Margaret Soraya called ‘Quiet’ at the Bosham Gallery running from October 5th - 14th December which celebrates the untouched beauty of the remote Scottish Isles and how solitude and quiet is a catalyst for creativity. There are various events running alongside the exhibition including a wild swimming talk and taster session! For full details check out the show notes where we’ve listed the dates and events. 3rd Nov - Quiet dip at West Wittering beach - a wild swimming talk and taster  4th Nov - Ladies day workshop  - “ Finding solitude through photography”  5th Nov - Introvert / extrovert questionnaire day at Bosham Gallery  30th Nov - Artists talk and afternoon at the Bosham Gallery “ Finding your own creative space”  We also mentioned the ‘Distinctly’ exhibition at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum on the Wirral on until 24th November: “This show takes a unique approach to the depiction of Britain and its distinct landscapes, industries, social and economic changes, cultural traditions, traits and events as seen through the eyes of ten of the most significant and impactful established and emerging photographers working in Britain over the last six decades. The exhibition looks at the gentle, the humorous, the starkness, the beauty and the realities experienced and captured by the photographers around their lives living and working in Britain. Artists: Martin Parr, Chris Killip, Marketa Luskacova, John Myers, Tish Murtha, Niall McDiarmid, Daniel Meadows, Ken Grant, Robert Darch & Kirsty Mackay.” Thanks as ever to WEX Photo Video & Fotospeed for supporting the show. We’ll be back in in a couple of weeks time with the live Q&A from Fotofest 2019 featuring Martin Parr, Rachael Talibart, Nigel Danson and Tom Way.  

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