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#72 - with Magnus Lindbom (Landscape)

av The Togcast Photography Podcast | Publicerades 2/13/2020

Magnus Lindbom is a Swedish landscape photographer with a passion for the Mountains. His outdoor photography pursuits often see him spending days & weeks in tents exploring far off the beaten track, in search of a deeper connection with the landscape. We chat to Magnus about his early life as a Mountain Ranger in Sweden, how his passion developed for photography and some of the practicalities of camping alone in a Swedish winter, 3 days hike from civilisation. We also consider what makes an image special to the creator and viewer and how we can develop our photography to share & experience deeper connections with the landscape. Mountains & Beyond is his new project where he documents his travels and images, in an attempt to inspire others. Through his photographs Magnus aims to take you along on his journey as he explores these wild places, the changing seasons and the fleeting moments of light.  Check out more of his work at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Fotospeed for supporting the show and to our media partner ‘Landscape Photographer of the Year’. We’ll be back in just a couple of weeks time with our next guest Jill Welham discussing her Cyanotype Print process.

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