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#76 - with Verity Milligan

av The Togcast Photography Podcast | Publicerades 4/23/2020

We’re delighted to welcome Verity Milligan to the show this week. Verity is an extremely well respected photographer and educator covering a variety of disciplines. Her creative streak and connection to her subjects is clearly visible in her emotive landscape imagery, and we discuss this love of the outdoors with the need to still be versatile with commercial work as well. This is a great deep dive into her motivations and challenges, as well as tackling some hot topics around current themes. We discuss the speed of change in the digital world, strategies for coping and thriving in that environment, and the importance of the universal experience with image sharing. ------------------------------------------------------------- WEBINAR: Check out our Webinar with Verity on Sunday, May 3rd (8pm-9pm) via Many thanks to Fotospeed for supporting the show and our media partner Landscape Photographer of the Year. We'll be back in 2 weeks with an episode recorded Live at South Manchester Camera Club, featuring Prof. Tim Allott.

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