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In Focus: Snapshot of a Pandemic

av The Togcast Photography Podcast | Publicerades 4/1/2021

Welcome back to the first of our new style ‘In Focus’ episodes. Each month (on the 1st) we will release one new ‘In Focus’ episode focussing on specific topics within the photography world. There will also be bonus episodes in-between so stay subscribed via your favourite podcast app to get all the latest episodes. Snapshot of a Pandemic This first ‘In Focus’ episode features the story of 10 figures in the photography world over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. We talk about their first reactions, how they’ve had to adapt and diversify and their thoughts on an uncertain future. This covers areas of their business, their personal life and most importantly their photography. The Contributors: A huge thanks to all ten contributors to this episode. Check out their work via the website links below: Adrian Beasley: Nigel Danson: Lottie Davies: Kieran Dodds: Lynn Fraser: Finn Hopson: Sarah Jones: Ciaran McCrickard: Stuart McGlennon: Margaret Soraya:

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