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The Trading Coach Podcast

321 - Slow Learners Make Less Mistakes

av The Trading Coach Podcast | Publicerades 4/7/2020

The need for instant gratification has us expecting results right away. The truth is that anything of value takes time to develop & trading is no different. Investing a little more time, in the beginning, will actually allow you to reach your goal a lot faster. Not to mention losing a lot less money along the way. If you're interested in working with the best community of traders in the world make sure you visit https://tieronetrading.com/ Please RATE/REVIEW the podcast. THANKS!!

Om Podcasten

An entertaining blend of professional insights and inspiring stories that cover all aspects of trading, investing, entrepreneurship, and personal development. Join Akil Stokes, a professional trader, entrepreneur, and globally respected trading coach as he delivers new episodes each week.