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All Access: Anthony Rapp Interview And ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ S3 Blu-ray Discussion

After a quick reminder that it’s NEXT week’s episode that will cover Comic-Con@Home, Tony and Laurie discuss this week’s Star Trek news, which includes the surprising news that producers were interested in bringing Voyager’s Tom Paris to Star Trek: Picard. They also discuss Brent Spiner’s joy at working with Jonathan Frakes again, and the latest on the Section 31 show, plus production updates on Strange New Worlds and Star Trek: Discovery. Then they dig into the main topic: Anthony’s new interview with Discovery’s Anthony Rapp, who talks about Stamets’ character arc across the seasons and his conflict with Burnham, being directed by Jonathan Frakes, the new uniforms, his thoughts on a musical episode, and more. They wrap up with some real-life Star Trek science and a reminder that LeVar Burton’s run on Jeopardy! begins Monday, July 26. Links to news topics discussed in the pod: ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ And ‘Prodigy’ Cast And Producers Headed To Comic-Con@Home Robert Duncan McNeill Was Asked To Reprise Tom Paris For ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 1 (and 2) Brent Spiner On The “Pleasure” Of Being Directed By Jonathan Frakes In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Filming In New Mexico For VFX Alex Kurtzman “Very Optimistic” About Star Trek Section 31 Series Giveaway: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Blu-rays And USS Discovery Hats Review: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Blu-ray Takes You Inside Series’ Great Leap Forward ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4 Production Update And First Look At AR Wall Virtual Set Interview: Anthony Rapp On Stamets Balancing Science And Family In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4 Additional mentions: Die Standing, the Star Trek: Discovery novel with Georgiou and Emony Dax Alex Kurtzman On Why The World Needs More Star Trek… And Possibly A Musical Episode Interview: Jonathan Frakes On ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’; Hopes To Helm ‘Short Treks’ Musical Trekbits:  Tony: Mysterious DNA sequences, known as ‘Borgs,’ recovered from California mud [Science]. Massive DNA ‘Borg’ structures perplex scientists [Nature], Star Trek’s Warp Drive Leads to New Physics [Scientific American] Laurie: Dr. Birko-Katarina Ruzicka’s study of gender ratios in “Star Trek” series Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments at

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