Introducing: Roots & Ritual

In our newest podcast series, we take you on an immersive audio experience, exploring the spirited rituals, lifestyles and practices that connect cultures worldwide. Alongside local and leading experts, Trippin’s co-founder Yasmin Shahmir and producer Robyn Landau, uncover the origins and delve into the science behind traditions rooted in physical and spiritual wellbeing. Learning about how these practices have travelled and are ever evolving to embrace the needs of individuals and communities to this day. Listen and subscribe to Roots & Ritual here:

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Trippin is a travel platform powered by an international community of local thought leaders. Each episode we’ll be bumping heads with the creative minds who are shaping culture worldwide. We invite our guests share their stories and advice on what it means to be a traveller today, to find out how we can navigate the world authentically, respectfully and sustainably. Travel is so much more than the pictures we take, it’s the stories we come back with, it’s that growth, insight and inspiration that occurs when you experience a world outside of your own.