Part 1: The Future of Travel

 Part 1  explores the nuanced experience of travel when you are a person of colour and what exactly purposeful travel looks like. We hear from 3 incredible women who will be breaking down how we can make changes that make travelling more inclusive, sustainable and purposeful. Joycelyn Longdon, founder of climate in colour and AI researcher at Cambridge University, Sasha Kluvitse, lead researcher and contributing editor to the Future of Travel report, and Lydia Dinga, expert travel content creator. Hosted by Soraya Stuart from Black Minds Matter UK, the conversation deep dives into themes in our latest comprehensive research report on the Future of Travel, conducted in partnership with University College London.  This conversation was recorded before lockdown with Trippin, Black Minds Matter UK and The Standard, London.

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Trippin is a travel platform powered by an international community of local thought leaders. Each episode we’ll be bumping heads with the creative minds who are shaping culture worldwide. We invite our guests share their stories and advice on what it means to be a traveller today, to find out how we can navigate the world authentically, respectfully and sustainably. Travel is so much more than the pictures we take, it’s the stories we come back with, it’s that growth, insight and inspiration that occurs when you experience a world outside of your own.