Food Photography for Professional Photographers - Modifiers, composition, Separation and more.

Food Photography is just one small part of Keith French's commercial photography. Keith goes into a lot more detail than most in this interview. Definition of color, Snoot lights, Rim lighting, separation, how many lights, flags, modifiers and more are discussed in today's episode of the Understand Photography Show. To check out Keith's amazing photos, head on over to Join our Facebook group for photo camaraderie: We recommend these products. We are an affiliate for Amazon and will receive a small commission if you purchase via our links: Mono gimbal head by Wimberly: Manfrotto Monopod with Auto Locking Leg If you need a strong foundation in photography concepts and how to apply them to YOUR camera, watch our free webinar: ~~~ Show notes are here: The Understand Photography Show is an interview-style podcast about travel, nature, and fine art photography. You are watching the behind-the-scenes interview with video. Host Peggy Farren interviews famous photographers, beginner photographers, specialty photographers, travel gurus, and more on this weekly show. It airs on Fridays on the Understand Photography Facebook page, Youtube, and iTunes. The motto at Understand Photography is "We Simplify the Technical". If you like things explained to you in a simple, step by step manner, you'll love The Understand Photography Show!

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A teaching show featuring travel, nature and fine art photography. Our motto at Understand Photography is "We Simplify the Technical". Peggy Farren interviews photographer guests who excel at their topic. You will learn what you need to know, get suggestions on photography equipment, receive resources to help you understand photography, sell your fine art photography, and more!