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Ep. 27 | Danny Wax on Forelinx, the Broken Country Club System, the Future of Fan Engagement in Golf, and More

Danny Wax (@danny_wax) joins us on this episode.Danny is the Founder and CEO of Forelinx, an online platform where you can play fantasy golf, book tee-times, and play hundreds of courses with one membership. His mission is to help people play more golf,...

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Urban Golf Performance is a world-leading golf performance company based out of Los Angeles with three locations in Southern California. UGP improves any golfer through golf coaching, fitness training, physical therapy, club fitting, club building, and mental coaching. In The Urban Golf Podcast, Mac Todd (Founder) and Leo Rooney (Director of Performance) invites high performers to discuss golf performance, business, life, and anything in between. In each episode, we explore the methods and processes these world-class performers have used to succeed that listeners can use.