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Season 2 episode 27 : '' Down The Rabbit Hole '' and Spoiler JEREMEY DIES !!!

av The Vampire Diaries After Show Podcast | Publicerades 2/17/2021

Katherine kills Jeremey ( he dies like the 100'th time ) and Stephen shows his feelings to Elena ( Maybe to get her back . Duh ) and Damon goes and looks for Bonnie (even know she hate's him and she said that she hates Vampires but she saves them everyday with her magic) and then goes with the crazy pants Shane and he teaches her expression but she has illusions of Jeremy and Grams (P.S Season 3 coming out tomorrow at 4) of podcast  TO CELEBRATE !!!  on live @tvdaspodcast  and later at 5 @CeeKeeLove   on Instagram  and new podcast episode on Friday as usual  --- Send in a voice message:

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