The Vampire Diaries After Show Podcast

Season 2 episode 29 : Day One Of Twenty - Two Thousand, Give or Take

av The Vampire Diaries After Show Podcast | Publicerades 2/18/2021

Alexis is in her lovable mood over Damon Salvatore and she tries to not talk about Twilight but she gives in  follow us on Instagram  @tvdaspodcast  and TikTok @tvdaspodcast  and we are going live on Friday at 4 on Tvdaspodcast on Instagram and at 6 on @ceekeelove  to celebrate on season 3  come on and join  --- Send in a voice message:

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Join your compelling host Alexis Jay and get your Vampire teeth and strong hearing ready to listen too her and her sarcastic Damon Salvatore impression on this whole podcast show . And talk about each episode and season of the show The Vampire Diaries and it's sequels The Originals and Legacies .We're also compelling on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and many more ... also don't forget to follow us @tvdaspodcast on Instagram and on youtube at tvdaspodcast and we will be having special guests stay safe ...#TVDASPODCAST #TeamDamon #RIPPAH