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Season 3 episode 1 : Crying Wolf 2x14 / The Dinner Party 2x15

av The Vampire Diaries After Show Podcast | Publicerades 2/22/2021

 2x14 Stefan and Elena go away for a romantic weekend at the Gilbert family lake house, unaware that they have been followed. Meanwhile, Jenna worries that Alaric is not telling her the truth, Jules keeps a secret from Tyler, Damon tries to learn more from Elijah, Bonnie uses underhand methods to get information out of Luka, and Tyler offers Matt relationship advice.  2x15 Stefan tells Elena about a troubled moment in his past and reveals the surprising person whose influence changed things. Jonas discovers the truth from Luka and makes his feelings known to Bonnie and Jeremy. Damon tries to catch Elijah off-guard by organising a dinner party for him with Jenna, Alaric and Andie - but some last-minute information causes chaos. Follow Us @tvdaspodcast on Instagram  and Youtube at TVDASPODCAST  STAY SAFE  --- Send in a voice message:

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