Futurama: Space Manufacturing w/ Rob Hoyt - Chief Scientist & CEO of Tethers Unlimited

Topics: Becoming a true space faring peopleRecycling things in spaceHow manufacturing in space differs from manufacturing on earth.The technology that need to come further to build more things in space.Learning from the spider to assemble things in space.Using asteroids for raw materials in the future.The hype around space in the last five years.Using gene-editing to adapt ourselves to a space envioronmentHabitats in space.How other industries are connecting space...Rob Hoyt is the CEO and Chief Scientist of Tethers Unlimited, a company he co-founded in 1994 which he has built it into a multi-$M company that is pioneering advances in small satellite technologies as well as space manufacturing and assembly capabilities.Dr. Hoyt himself has worked on a variety of advanced space technologies, including plasma thruster propulsion, solar thermal propulsion, electrostatic antennas, space debris mitigation technologies, and, of course, space tethers. If you want to read about Dr. Hoyt's inventions in detail, they are all listed on his Wikipedia page.Show recommendation: The ExpanseWebsite: https://www.tethers.com/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robhoyt/

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