Ep. 525: Tiktok's Malia Morris

Malia Morris is a performing artist based in the San Francisco area. She has performed professionally for the past decade across the U.S. in regional theatre productions, plays and staged concerts. She has an active voice studio where she teaches private voice, workshops and masterclasses to students from around the world. Dedicated to the study of vocal pedagogy and voice function, Malia is consistently engaged with training and mentorship with leading experts in the field of vocal pedagogy. You can find her along with 150K social media followers on @MaliaVoiceStudio via Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube. Malia has a Masters in Dramatic Arts from Harvard University, where she graduated with honors and thesis prize for her research on Broadway director, Diane Paulus. Be sure to check out my Self-Care Membership, courses, and events at www.thevisceralvoice.com! And follow us on Instagram!Are you willing and able to becoming a Supporter of The Visceral Voice Podcast to help keep this podcast running? Please click here.

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