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14 - the Kingdom of Childhood

av the Way of the Showman | Publicerades 9/8/2020

This time we take a short break from the Mythopoetic Explorations and instead take a look into the strange and beautiful Kingdom of Childhood. We try to understand the denizens with their peculiar vocation of play. Kids, as the inhabitants of the Kingdom are called, play for a living. Their weird, but also wonderful. I used to be one you know. I don't know when I left, but I know that I can't return.We have to sneak a peak over the walls and through the keyhole of the gates since us adults have lost the ability to re-enter. Come join me on this trip to the exotic geography of Childhood.Show notes:Mitch Jones' excellent article.

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Philosophical and esoteric perspectives from a modern day Showman. The host Captain Frodo, internationally renowned circus performer and writer, talks about ideas related to "Carnival life, circus, imagination, showmanship, evolution, meaning of life, blah, blah, blah."(Quote from his wife). You can find me, and more of my writing at: www.thewayoftheshowman.com