Making Money In Your Underpants with Tate Litchfield

Sometimes we are compelled to make a decision that would forever alter the direction of our lives. And that's the very thing that happened to Tate Litchfield, a successful student of The Land Geek Program who has built passive income by applying what he learned from Mark Podolsky. But before that, Tate was supposed to go to Law School, So what made him change his mind? And why land flipping? Tune in to find out the full story in today's episode of Wealth Without Wall Street. Let's dive in!Top 3 Things You’ll Learn:Parental support is a crucial factor in a child's success.Learning from great mentors gives you a competitive edge and helps you become more successful.To succeed, you must take action and have the will to win.  About Our Guest:Tate Litchfield has a degree in international relations and was supposed to go to Law School, but something happened that made him decide he doesn't want to go back to school. So he searched for a more viable option and discovered land flipping. Tate is one of the star students of The Land Geek Program. Applying what he learned from Mark Podolsky, Tate has built a massive passive income stream investing in raw land. He loves riding and racing his bike and traveling in his free time. Tate is a cyclocross and road racer for the Allegiant Airline cycling team and is constantly looking for new adventures.   Connect with Tate Litchfield:Website - the Inner Circle Live Event on January 6-8, 2023: Advantage of a Free Financial Strategy Call: How to Build Passive Income Buying and Selling Raw Land:

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