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av The Weekly Planet | Publicerades 9/9/2019

For $80 off your first month visit and enter weeklyplanet80 Check out and use the offer code THEWEEKLYPLANET for $50 off. Pennywise, the spookiest of clowns (top 5?) returns to cinemas for IT Chapter Two so we return to talk about that. Plus DC news with a leaked Birds Of Prey teaser, trailers for Jo Jo Rabbit & Bad Boys 4 Lyf, OUATIH the series, Joker wins awards, The Batman updates and more! Thanks for listening. Two In The Think Tank: Suggestibles Podcast: Donate Here Please: 0:00 The Start Of The Show 2:40 The Jeremy Renaround 7:48 Bad Boys 4 Lyf 13:54 Joker wings awards 15:32 Spider-Man door closed 17:31 Jo Jo Rabbit trailer 19:46 Tomb Raider director 23:46 Hayley Atwell in MI7 27:28 OUATIH TV series 30:05 Suicide Squad casting 32:10 The Batman update 34:12 Birds Of Prey teaser 35:25 The New...Nothing? 40:54 IT Chapter Two (spoilers 54:45 - 1:05:41) 1:05:41 Letters It’s Time For Letters 1:11:38 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read James' Twitter ► Maso's Twitter ► Patreon ► TWP Itunes ►   TWP Direct Download ►   TWP YouTube Channel ►   Buy The Matrix On Amazon? ►   T-Shirts/Merch ► For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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