Mini series | Adjusting, with Andrew of Vanilla Black

For episode 7 of ‘Adjusting, with…,' we are talking to Andrew, owner of  Vanilla Black. Vanilla Black are a pioneering vegetarian restaurant created by Andrew and his wife, Donna. To hear our first interview with Andrew, go back and  listen to season 3,  episode 28.  Follow Andrew @vanilla_black_uk and  Keep in touch and let us know if you’re enjoying these episodes on  Instagram @whatscookingpodcast or via If you’re enjoying our podcast, please support us by reviewing and  subscribing.  These episodes are recorded over video chat so please bear with us if the sound quality isn’t perfect!

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Beth and Kat are two lovers of all things food who bring you weekly insights into the adventures of fellow epicureans and their businesses. Focusing on the journey and not the destination, they will explore what gets their guests out of bed in the morning and what life looks like when you’re starting from scratch in this competitive sector.