TRAILER: Mini series | Adjusting with...

Welcome back to The What's Cooking Podcast!  We were due to begin recording season 7 around now but it doesn’t really feel like the right time to be hearing new stories. Instead, we’ve decided to speak to some of our past guests and put together a miniseries around adjusting in business. These shorter conversations will give an update on their businesses and look at any new initiatives they might be working on. We’ll talk about how they're adapting to challenges and generally keeping going during what we can all agree is a challenging time. The aim is to share an honest and realistic snapshot of how people are getting on. This is a difficult time for all businesses and the hospitality industry is certainly one of those suffering in what is a demanding space at the best of times. We hope you will enjoy hearing what our guests have been up to and that you might find comfort and inspiration in the stories they have to tell. We will be releasing episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for the next few weeks so make sure you’ve subscribed to be alerted when a new episode is available.  Keep in touch on Instagram @whatscookingpodcast, Twitter @whatscookingpod or via email on Find us individually at and 

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Beth and Kat are two lovers of all things food who bring you weekly insights into the adventures of fellow epicureans and their businesses. Focusing on the journey and not the destination, they will explore what gets their guests out of bed in the morning and what life looks like when you’re starting from scratch in this competitive sector.