Karen Phelps Moyer on Reimagining Love [WPP112]

I had such a great discussion with Karen Phelps Moyer for this episode. I first learned of Karen’s work because she founded Camp Erin, which is a camp for kids ages 6-17 who are grieving the loss of a loved one, and which runs camps in many locations across the US. Now, Karen is working with widowed people and others to reimagine love after loss. I had the pleasure of talking with her initially back in episode 51, and since dating and potentially looking for a “Chapter 2” is a topic that many widowed people grapple with at some point, I thought it would be a good time to have her back on the show to give us an update. Some topics Karen and I discuss include: Why it may be easier to think about “finding adult company” rather than “dating;” Sometimes it’s helpful to “release and replace” thoughts that are not working for us; Why she believes that everyone can “reimagine love;” There’s no need to take down your pictures just because you’re bringing someone new into the house; Talking to your kids about dating; How zoom chats can help you get a better sense of a person that messaging online; and The importance of working on yourself as you begin considering reimaging love. I hope you enjoy my discussion with Karen Phelps Moyer. -=-=-=-=- Thank you sponsors & partners: Grief Coach - Grief support text messaging service. Tips and support delivered all year long, personalized based on your loss. Listeners get $10 off: https://grief.coach/jennylisk/ BetterHelp - Talk with a licensed, professional therapist online. Get 10% off your first month: betterhelp.com/widowedparent Support the show - Buy Me a Coffee -=-=-=-=-

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