Reclaiming ownership of our bodies + connecting with our innate wisdom in motherhood, with Briony Goodsell

Briony Goodsell is a doula, yoga teacher, intuitive bodyworker, women’s circle facilitator, photographer and mama. She is a weaver of the womens’ mysteries, gatherer of ancient feminine wisdom, holder of sacred spaces and a guide for reconnecting women with their sacred womb wisdom and power. And if that doesn’t make you excited to learn from this wise woman, I don’t know what will! Briony was also my postpartum doula, and remains my much-loved friend and mentor. In today’s episode, she and I talk about: Briony’s experience of eating disorder and infertility, and how this led her on a journey to learn about her body’s wisdom and to find her calling as a yoga teacher, body worker and doula Briony’s experience of postpartum depression in early motherhood, and how she gradually found her feet as a mama by learning to stop looking to external experts, to get out of her head, and to trust her own intuition as a mama The link between connecting with and understanding our menstrual cycles, and trusting our bodies in birth The concept of "matrescence", and how having an awareness of the transformation a woman goes through during the transition into motherhood before it happens can help to alleviate overwhelm and confusion  The challenges of mothering in our modern times and the pressures this places on women and on relationships The relationship between the health of mothers and Mother Earth, and how rituals like burying our baby’s placenta can help to heal the earth and restore the balance of the Divine Feminine in all of us I always feel so reassured just by being in Briony’s space, and I know you’re going to feel her beautiful energy through your headphones. If you enjoy today's episode, it would mean the world to me if you left me a review over on iTunes, because that helps to get this podcast in front of other wild mamas who could also benefit from these conversations. You can also share this podcast with other mamas by simply taking a screenshot and sharing it on Instagram, and don’t forget to tag me at @drjessicahodgens! RESOURCES MENTIONED IN TODAY'S EPISODE: Grab your copy of my free guide, 'The Four Things you Actually Need to Know to Prepare for a Physiologic ("Natural") Birth' "The Gentle Sleep Book", Sarah Ockwell Smith CONNECT WITH BRIONY At her website, On Instagram here or Facebook here Until next time - stay wild, mamas! Jess xx Find me on Instagram at @drjessicahodgens Intro and outro music: "Bloom", from the album The Jasmani Garden by Deya Dova, with the kind permission of the artist. Cover image by Briony Goodsell. I'm living and mothering on the unceded Country of Dharawal people, and I gratefully acknowledge their ongoing work - and the work of indigenous people everywhere - in the service of thriving life on earth.

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