Welcome to the Wild Mother Podcast!

Welcome, wild woman, to the very first episode of the Wild Mother podcast! In this welcome episode, I'm introducing my vision for the podcast, a little about what you can expect to hear in this space, and a bit about the journey that's led me here. I talk about my passion for physiologic birth and its capacity to change women's lives, how I practice gentle parenting in a way that aligns with my and my baby's physiologic design, and why I believe that motherhood is intended to be an opportunity for healing and expansion for women (you won't hear any talk of the "juggle" here!). I also share a little about my own mothering journey and the information that enabled me to have a supported and nourishing experience of birth and early motherhood. If you enjoy this episode, it'd mean the world to me if you hit subscribe! And don't forget to head on over to Instagram to continue the conversation - you can find me at @drjessicahodgens. Until next time - stay wild, mama! Jess xx  www.jessicahodgens.com Intro and outro music: "Bloom", from the album The Jasmani Garden by Deya Dova, with the kind permission of the artist. Cover image by Briony Goodsell, The Nesting Place.

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The Wild Mother Podcast is for women who want to birth, mother and live with pleasure, purpose and power. Join me, Dr. Jessica Hodgens, for evidence-based and soul-centred conversations with guest experts and real mamas just like you. The intelligence of Mother Nature is our guide as we dive deep into the subjects of physiologic birth, natural parenting, and conscious mothering.